The 2JW Difference

In today’s economy, development budgets are stretched and projects that would have been approved in better times are now shelved.  As a result, many brands turn to Asian ODM product sourcing in an effort to remain competitive. It is our goal at 2JW Design to provide a superior, US-based alternative for the completion of these projects – allowing our clients to bring more exciting products to market at an affordable, variable cost.

2JW Design is composed of a team of engineers as well as product and marketing managers with experience from companies including EAW, Euphonix, Hewlett-Packard, Mackie, Microsoft, Guitar Center, National Semiconductors, Solid State Logic, Sony, Texas Instruments, and the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program. Our services include all aspects of product planning, design, development and production. We are committed to building exceptional equipment while supporting our local Pacific Northwest economy.

Our design/development capabilities include:

  • Analog design
  • Digital design
  • Software development
  • Audio driver development
  • Amplification
  • Acoustic design
  • iPhone/iPad application development

Product Design Process

Comprehensive product design & development services from concept through delivery.


Working closely with the client, we determine the critical feature requirements, cost goals and design requirements for the project. We create a document from these explorations that will guide the remainder of the process and will act as a reminder of the critical requirements. Depending on the nature of the project, this phase may include detailed macro and micro market analysis, competitive analysis, innovation analysis and end user focus studies.


Having developed a detailed requirement for the project, the design phase can proceed rapidly. Our team consists of experts in critical disciplines including software design, audio driver development, IC design and implementation, electrical, mechanical and digital design. Communication with our client is critical during this phase as we jointly make decisions with regards to feature/cost benefits.


Once a design has been developed, we thoroughly review all aspects with the client to ensure the solution achieves the desired results at an acceptable cost. At this point, we can generate accurate BOM’s and production costs so our client can be accurately informed.


We have the capability to produce rapid prototypes at extremely affordable cost – this will allow for the design to be tested thoroughly without impacting aggressive schedules.


At this stage, the design can either be handed off to the client for production or our team can proceed with the selection and setup of manufacturing solutions.

Final Test Development

Our team is capable of designing tests and used during the manufacturing process to ensure maximum reliability of the products. Each solution is custom designed based on the complexity of the project and associated goals/budget. We work closely with the client to specify cosmetic standards along with the performance characteristics.


Executing a rapid pilot production initially – using onsite support where necessary, the production phase can get underway. Depending on the nature of the project, out team can remain actively involved with the ongoing production and inventory planning.

Our Team’s Collective Experience